Why you should not use Access Tower components made by a different manufacturer

A common question that gets asked when looking for spare parts for access towers is, Can I use components made by a different manufacturer? In short, the answer to this question is No, we have outlined the reasons why below.

Safety Issues

Even if components appear very similar to each other, the actual performance can be very different and effect the strength and stability of the structure. Not only does this pose potential risks for users it can also invalidate the manufacturer’s product guarantee in the event of an accident caused by mixing components from different manufacturers.

EN1004 Standard

The EN1004 Safety Standard ensures that mobile access towers are fit for purpose and most importantly safe for users. When an access tower s approved to the EN1004 standard it’s the overall structure that is approved, not the individual components that make up the tower. Therefore by using components not supplied by the manufacturer, any tower constructed using components from a mix of manufacturers will no longer be certified to comply to EN1004.

Not Safety Tested

Access Tower manufactures rarely share performance and strength data nor do they carry out safety test or assessments using other manufacturer components because it is simply impractical to determine the safety and reliability of every conceivable component mix. Therefore, where different manufacturer components are mixed liability will lie with those who authorise the build of the tower should a fault occur.

We always recommended that mobile access towers conform to EN 1004:2020, which is the European Standard ensuring towers meet minimum safety requirements. Your tower must be accompanied by an approved Manufacturer instruction manual. This manual lists the components permitted to be used on a particular tower build.

If you require spare parts for your Boss Access Tower you can view our range Here If you have any questions please feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help.